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Welcome to Hungry-Oyaji.com!

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Welcome to A (mostly) Japanese food blog by Hungry Oyaji

Welcome to Hungry-Oyaji.com, a blog where I am going to write my subjective, biased, and narrow-minded thoughts!

I'm Hungy Oyaji (oh-yah-zee), a 40-some-year-old Japanese guy, who lived outside the country for the last 15 years (and just moved back to Japan recently).

Although the title is "A (mostly Japanese) food blog", I might write about non-Japanese food, or even about topics other than food from time to time.  I hope you enjoy these posts as well.

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Being a Japanese guy who lived outside the country for a long time, I have an enormous amount of experience in enjoying food from completely different cultures.

This also let me observe Japanese food, or food people in Japan eat in general, from outside, and gave me some kind of insight (I believe).  And it's been my desire for the last 5 - 6 years to write about Japanese food in English from the eyes of a Japan-bred-and-fed person, so people all over the world can get better ideas about Japanese food and enjoy it.

Please note I'm in no way an expert of any kind of food nor cooking.  All posts in this blog are based on my personal observation and thoughts.


Just for your information, oyaji is a slang word meaning (1) dad, or (2) mid-aged male.

This may sound abrupt, or rude, sometimes (I remember making my dad angry when I called him this way in my teen), as people may take it as "being looked down".  But I don't mind being called "Oyaji".


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